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  • tpmsr0
    Partnership meeting in Belgrade, Serbia

    Partners and experts implementing the WiseFarmer project met in Belgrade, Serbia on the last Wednesday (evening), Thursday and Friday of summer 2021, to review and report activities of the previous work phases and agree on the follow up steps. The event was organized and hosted by IPN, and was participated by each partner of the project.

  • CRME1_1
    Multiplier Event in Croatia, 12 August 2021

    The workshop in Klanjec had an excellent response with a total of 44 participants, with a comparison of the digitalization of agriculture in Croatia and Serbia and a presentation of WiseFarmer portraits and previous results. We also presented two success stories in the use of milking robots and agrometeorological stations. Participants generally showed great interest in the topics and actively participated in asking questions to the speakers.

  • me2ro1
    Multiplier Event in Socodor, Romania, 29 July 2021

    The attendees left a positive feedback scoring at least 4 out of 5 on the satisfaction scale. The discussions before the start of the event revealed a high interest for the topic and were complemented during and after the presentation with further questions related to details and possibilities to adopt applications in their current farming practices.

  • wfmehu2_1a
    Multiplier Event in Hungary, 8 July 2021

    The "WiseFarmer multiplier training" event was organised by the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences of Széchenyi István University (SZE MÉK) in the form of a face-to-face meeting on 8 July 2021.

  • srme21
    Multiplier Events in Serbia, June 2021

    Two Multiplier Events were organized in Serbia, as the WiseFarmer project approached to it’s successful finish.

    ME 03 – Jagodina – 16.06.2021.