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BUAS to introduce the project at the III Rural Development Conference

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Our project partner, Dr. Cosmin Salasan (USAMVB Timisoara, Romania), speaks about Wisefarmer project in his presentation "Bridging innovation and problems for small farms and agricultural households"  

Date: Thursday, 14 November, 2019

Venue: Szent István University Faculty of Agricultural and Economic Studies

Address: 5540 Szarvas, Szabadság str. 1-3. HUNGARY.


Infocommunication, digitization, automatization – these are standard calling words and phenomena in today's global economy. The Fourth Industrial Revolution creates new business model and jobs in all industries. But what do these dimensions mean for the european  countryside? What will their impact be on the retention of rural population, employment, agricultural production, food economy and sustainable development?

The aim of the conference is to provide practitioners, creators of rural development and representatives of scientific community with scientific tools and methods to practise common thinking and outline effective problem-solving methods.