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Multiplier Event in Croatia, 12 August 2021


The workshop in Klanjec had an excellent response with a total of 44 participants, with a comparison of the digitalization of agriculture in Croatia and Serbia and a presentation of WiseFarmer portraits and previous results. We also presented two success stories in the use of milking robots and agrometeorological stations. Participants generally showed great interest in the topics and actively participated in asking questions to the speakers. During the workshop and presentation of topics at all times there was an interaction between the farmers present and agricultural advisors. The story of the successful robotization of the dairy farm attracted the most interest, and the participants expressed the wish that a visit to one such farm should be included in the organization of the next such events. The event was attended by a large number of agricultural advisors and representatives of local development agencies who provided strong support for this event and exchanged experiences with colleagues from Serbia and Slovenia. At the very end of the workshop, representatives of the media and agricultural agro-firms were given the floor to present their media and agricultural services. Leaflets and a final survey were distributed which showed that the participants rated the workshop and topics with a very good grade but with additional comments which were mostly based on the presentation of results and tools in practice and the desire to organize focus groups within the workshop. The impact of the multiplication event can be also read through the question in the survey where all participants expressed a desire to be called on next  such event. This workshop was international with three participants from Serbia and four from Slovenia and clearly showed the need and interest in organizing as many such events as possible.