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Multiplier Events in Serbia, June 2021


Two Multiplier Events were organized in Serbia, as the WiseFarmer project approached to it's successful finish.

On June 16, 2021, the third Multiplier event was held in Jagodina, located in Central Serbia, with a group of Facilitators and 10 farmers (5 pairs) operating under the WiseFarmer project. The meeting was organized to bring together project participants, but also all other stakeholders, within the agricultural knowledge transfer system – farmers, local government representatives, researchers related to subject area or having experience in reagion. There were 32 participants at the meeting, mostly farmers, and representatives from 5 municipalities in this district.

The fourth multiplier event was held in Radmilovac, near Belgrade and Smederevo, at the Experimental Field of Faculty of Agriculture, Zemun, Belgrade. The most of participants at this ME were Agricultural Advisors from FAS Serbia, as well as farmers and researchers. Participants, 30 in total, were updated on the WF results and outcomes, after the first introduction to Farm Advisors in February 2020, at the Faculty of Agriculture. Participants of both events had a reflection on WF activities, results and future perspectives, but also information on development in digitalization in agriculture and other open questions and issues.