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Partnership meeting in Belgrade, Serbia

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Partners and experts implementing the WiseFarmer project met in Belgrade, Serbia on the last Wednesday (evening), Thursday and Friday of summer 2021, to review and report activities of the previous work phases and agree on the follow up steps. The event was organized and hosted by IPN, and was participated by each partner of the project.

The meeting's objectives were the presentation of IO4 results: "WiseFarmer learning programme pilots to connect farmers in the digital age" in Serbia and Hungary, discussing remaining tasks for the implementation of IO5, Multiplier Events, Handbook, IPR Agreement, Planning for valorisation and sustainability, QM activities, financial issues as well as the final report tasks.

It was nice to meet again with all partners in the 'normal way', as after the Kick-Off exactly 23 months ago only virtual meetings were possible. We really missed opportunity to meet personally and regularly before, due to the pandemic. Again it was proved that within a few hours or days more can be achieved this way - steering and having good impact on project progress -  than by series of virtual events during months. 

Pictures from the Kick off Meeting of the project which was held exactly 23 months before:

kickoff 1