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WiseFarmer video published!


Please view, like and share our project Youtube video:

The goal of this short movie is to briefly introduce the project activities, linking anyone interested in our results to the corresponding webpage, as well as giving access to explore our Inventarium Handbook, which contains other interesting details. The recordings were taken during the project until the last meeting in Belgrade, Serbia, at the end of August 2021, therefore the current publication date.


The text of the video:

The WiseFarmer project aimed to create and test a learning programme, to enable farmers to develop their competences in the use of digital tools, agricultural production and entrepreneurial skills.

According to our concept, the name "WiseFarmer", on one hand, refers to the emphasis on the personal aspects of small and family farming; - local experiences, practical knowledge, tradition, culture, attitude, social situation and family circumstances. On the other hand, we wished to indicate our goal, to go a step beyond the well known term of Smart Farming, so that the usefullness of digital tools and applications is also valued, besides profitability aspects, by its impact of achieving broader, more complex, sustainable results, in the context of small farmers.

Following the preparatory steps, partners developed the learning methodology, and set up the online collaboration platform, using innovative approaches.

The experimental learning programme was implemented in Serbia and Hungary from October 2020, to May 2021.

We connect farm generations in the digital age, it means in this kind of pair mentoring approach
we also targetted the different age groups, different generations of farmers,
by the initial assumption, that the younger ones are more advanced in the digital tools,
and the olders in the farming practices.

And this was also good opportunity for me, as a young farmer, to help the older farmers,
to visit all these websites that I was using, and all these things on the Internet known to me,
and I was ready to share it with the older ones.

And that is a crucial benefit: the young farmers were already aware of that, 
but now working in pairs they became more proficient and now they can all use these tools.

What are the main results of the project, what is really our methodology, the main takeaways for us? 

The main benefit is, that the older farmers, who were not even close to use digital tools, 
are now ending the project with some results and outcomes. 

They all have email addresses and they can use the emails.
Also they can use a lot of platforms that young farmers already knew.

The main outcome: when we need to see the situtation in our fields,  
thanks to this project and the advisory service, we are able within a few hours to get feedback information.  

We are aware, that for us, farmers it is not possible to go to every field and check the situation,
but now I use the Viber, send the photos, and I get instant advice, what to do.