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Farmer interviews
Project staff members travelled to remote areas of the countries to meet individual or small groups of farmers to discuss the main issues related to the use of ICTs, information sources and the local knowledge and experience needed for the good practice of farming. 
Farmer survey is completed
The consortium conducted numerous interviews and collected nearly three hundred questionnaire inputs from the six participating countries, as part of the first Output of the project, that is ready now for data cleansing, statistical analísis and evaluation of the results. 
Project event in Croatia to support farmer survey
Without the use of digital technology, there is no development of agriculture, it was pointed out today at the first project WiseFarmer workshop organized by the Network of Advisory Services of Southeast Europe-SEASN and the School Bedekovčina, which also hosted the lecture. The lecture was attended by farmers, agricultural advisers, teachers and students from the agricultural sector. 
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