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    WiseFarmer: Connecting farm generations in the digital age

Project results will demonstrate the viability of the approach and methodology, as one of the possible techniques to overcome crucial challenges in the agricultural and rural sectors. The experience can be utilized in a wider strategic context for policymaking, to cope with the abandonment of farming activity especially by young people, the succession of farming, attracting new entrants into agricultural activities, the introduction of digital innovations in a responsible and effective way, suitable for smallholders' and family farmers' needs. 

The direct aim of the project is to bring the younger and elder farm generations together in a common program for the exchange of knowledge, access to high quality learning opportunity, facilitating support and sustained collaboration for increased competence, from one side in the use of digital tools, from the other side the crucial farming practices based on local knowledge.

Hungary, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Slovak Republic


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    The participants of the third event, which aimed at the preparation of farm advisors, to function in the project in a new role not only as facilitator, but also as "digital facilitator", gathered on 22 October in the western city of Hungary, Mosonmagyaróvár, the event being organized in the premises of Széchenyi István University.

  • 21/Oct/2020

    The planned process of preparations is under way, the facilitators' trainings are being organized in Hungary in two main sections/locations; and also in Serbia (today). Putting in place the technical environment, including platforms, apps, software and hardware components is also in development. 

  • 29/Sep/2020

    The Hungarian partners are implementing the training of facilitators in two steps and locations. The first event was organized on 29 September 2020 in Kecskemét, at the demonstration and educational farm of the College of Horticulture. In October it will be followed in the West Hungary with communication and digital facilitation training.

  • 31/Jul/2020

    We have set up a separate page to summarize project results and list relevant files, which can directly be opened in the PDF Viewer application of the platform:
    For example, you can browse the results of the WiseFarmer Survey, or the documents created for project participants, as well as dissemination materials. The 1st WF Newsletter following Output 1 was also shared on this page, as well as between participants.

  • 10/Jun/2020

    The Virtual event took place on 10/06/2020 on the topic "Extension and advisory services on the frontline of COVID-19 response for resilient and sustainable food systems in Europe and Central Asia".

  • 20/May/2020

    GAK, one of the Hungarian partners and the coordinator of the project, has published the first call about the learning opportunity on its webpage. According to the information provided:

  • Audience

    In accordance with the "Annual Advisory Plan for Agricultural Advisers and Farmers" for 2020, training for Module 14 - Digitization in Agriculture was held. The training was organized by the Institute for the Application of Science in Agriculture, under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management of the Republic of Serbia and in cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade.