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Kick-off Hungary

Place: GAK Education, Research and Innovation Non‐Profit Ltd 2100 Gödöllő, Pater Karoly u. 1. Hungary (47.59486, 19.36721)

Date: 26-27 September, 2019

Participating partners: all partners

Facilitators: Aniko Acs, Laszlo Papocsi,– GAK, Mihaly Csoto, Marcel Kovac – WAN



The meeting provided opportunities for partners to get to know each other better, presenting their background, activities, interest and in WiseFarmer project. Coordinator gave an overview of the project’s aims and objectives. The planned Intellectual Outputs (IOs) were introduced by  IO leading partners. Presentation about Wisefarmer learning methodology and wisefarming approach was followed by  discussions about the management, administration and financial issues. On the second they partners actually started the work for O1, and tested the project management platform for Quality Management, using webforms for Evaluation and Dissemination, as well as the Wisefarmer Drive and Forum.