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  • Project event in Croatia to support farmer survey
    Without the use of digital technology, there is no development of agriculture, it was pointed out today at the first project WiseFarmer workshop organized by the Network of Advisory Services of Southeast Europe-SEASN and the School Bedekovčina, which also hosted the lecture. The lecture was attended by farmers, agricultural advisers, teachers and students from the agricultural sector. 
  • WiseFarmer brochure is available
    WiseFarmer brochure is published for the use of project partners and ohe organisations interested in the main information of project.
  • Farmer interviews
    Project staff members travelled to remote areas of the countries to meet individual or small groups of farmers to discuss the main issues related to the use of ICTs, information sources and the local knowledge and experience needed for the good practice of farming. 
  • BUAS to introduce the project at the III Rural Development Conference

    Our project partner, Dr. Cosmin Salasan (USAMVB Timisoara, Romania), speaks about Wisefarmer project in his presentation "Bridging innovation and problems for small farms and agricultural households"  

    Date: Thursday, 14 November, 2019

    Venue: Szent István University Faculty of Agricultural and Economic Studies

    Address: 5540 Szarvas, Szabadság str. 1-3. HUNGARY.


  • Kick-off meeting of the project
    The meeting, which was held on 26/27 September 2019 in Godollo, Hungary, provided opportunities for partners to get to know each other better, presenting their background, activities, interest and in WiseFarmer project. Coordinator gave an overview of the project’s aims and objectives. The planned Intellectual Outputs (IOs) were introduced by IO leading partners. Presentation about Wisefarmer learning methodology and wisefarming approach was followed by discussions about the management, administration and financial issues. On the second they partners actually started the work for O1, and tested the project management platform for Quality Management, using webforms for Evaluation and Dissemination, as well as the Wisefarmer Drive and Forum.