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  • Field data observation exercises

    The third part of the WiseFarmer pilot learning programme is running during the spring time, which brings more opportunity to practical WF exercises. Several learning tasks of the pilot are linked to field data observation, and most of them to farming practices. The mobile device makes it possible to record data - such as the location by GPS coordinates, text, photo, video, sound, date, time etc.

  • We have translated the OneSoil application!

    During the first part of the learning programme, in the autumn, we tested several mobile apps with the more advanced farmer participants, which seemed to be useful for all learners in the next steps. The OneSoil app became one of our favourites, for its user-friendly interface, practical features and, last but not least, its free availability. However, there was one major obstacle: its Hungarian version, an important aspect for agricultural users, was not available.

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    WiseFarmer pilot is near halfway in Hungary

    The advanced group of learners are meeting for the 8th time, and the participants already shared a lot of useful practices, tips and tricks of using digital tools in agriculture. The groups consists of practising farmers, several of them are also university students, freshly graduated professionals, but also there are small holders and farmers applying precision agriculture.

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    Communication training for facilitators in Mosonmagyaróvár, HU

    The training was led by professional communication coach and included both presentations and interactive sessions (by keeping the necessary rules of current health regulations).

  • Multiplier event in Serbia - starting pilot – in 2 locations

    Multiplier events were focused on preparation for O4-A1 - Recruitment of participants, mentor pairs and facilitators. During the Multiplier event in Serbia - starting pilot, participants who will be mentored in pairs were informed on WiseFarmer project tasks and goals, together with planned methodology and collaborative activities.