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We have translated the OneSoil application!


During the first part of the learning programme, in the autumn, we tested several mobile apps with the more advanced farmer participants, which seemed to be useful for all learners in the next steps. The OneSoil app became one of our favourites, for its user-friendly interface, practical features and, last but not least, its free availability. However, there was one major obstacle: its Hungarian version, an important aspect for agricultural users, was not available.

The organisers and consultants of the WiseFarmer project therefore decided to try to translate it ourselves, so we contacted the developers, who were very happy and willing. We assembled a small team of volunteers from the 'English' participants in our project, and using the professional online translation system provided by the developers, we managed to cope with thousands of words and phrases in a matter of weeks.

OneSoil has both a mobile and a web interface, and translation for both applications was achieved. 

The OneSoil mobile app offers all farmers a solution for tracking the development status of the field, field monitoring functions related to crop production, and weather forecasts. For advanced and more experienced users, the platform offers visualization of farm machinery data and variable rate application of seeds and fertilizers in the web application.

The OneSoil web application provides interoperability with different brands of farm equipment: the farmer can upload different types of files to the system and download task files for different brands of on-board computers.

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